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For a walk, a play, a picnic or a barbecue .. what is more Aussie than going to the beach?

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    Sorrento Ocean Beach ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (see reviews on Google)

    Sorrento Ocean Beach

    Sorrento Ocean Beach is one of the neatest, quietest beaches near Melbourne. It is a lifesaver patrolled beach, 5 minutes drive from the heart of Sorrento. If you are bored of the regular beaches and looking for a beach that is way cooler, with lots of variety for all the family, give Sorrento Ocean Beach a try.

    There are walking trails, picnic areas, a hilltop rotunda, places to swim and climb and numerous beautiful rock pools you can jump into. The rocks pools and rock caves will keep the keenest explorers busy for hours.

    Rock pools

    Sorrento Ocean Beach has amazing natural rock pools. We strongly suggest you consider exploring the rock pools at low tide when there is even more to see and do, and make sure you have a pair of shoes for walking on rocks.

    Go at alt times

    This is not your stereotypical swim and sunbath kind of beach. There are so many different things to do. A paddle on the beach with the kids in the morning, exploring the rocks swimming in the rock pools at low tide, playing in the crashing waves in the afternoon and the most glorious sunset you will see.

    Consider coming to Sorrento Ocean Beach in winter, very early in the morning or even after dinner when there is less people about.


    Food is more limited than other better known beaches. Limited breakfast, lunch, coffee, drinks and snacks are available from the beachside cafe when it is open. The Sorrento CBD area is only a short car trip away, but we recommend you bring your food with you and make it a full day.

    Wild Animals

    Apparently, like most natural areas in Australia, there are wild animals about. We did not see any but there are sign so we assume they are present.


    As far as parking goes, everything else about the beach is great. The beach is popular during summer, on weekends and on public holidays. You will need to get in early in order to get a carpark.

    However, there is plenty to see and do at alternate times, so consider some of the activities in the Go at alt times section above.


    The water is stunningly clear but if you venture in on a moderate or cool day it is very cold. The waves are strong and give you that great wave roar and a good lot of challenging fun for older children who are experienced swimmers who enjoy play in challenging waves (not 'baby waves').

    The deep water water is too rough for smaller children, but they can have fun paddling near the shore.

    Extra things to bring

    We have already said it but will repeat it again .. bring a pare of shoes suitable for walking on rocks!! There is always someone who says Oh I won't go on the rocks and then when everyone else spends hours excitedly exploring they decide to risk it and join the others but without proper shoes. These are no ordinary boring rocks. Bring some shoes to explorer them!

    Bring plenty of bug spray. This is not unique to Sorrento, all Melbourne beaches have bugs at certain times and you will want to stay longer than planned. Besides the usual bugs there can be tiny moths and of course flies during their seasons.

    Bring your own shade. There is very little shade anywhere on the sand, and we highly recommend bringing your own beach umbrella or some other portable shade.

    Don't touch blue-ringed octopuses

    Make sure children know not to touch the blue-ringed octopuses as they can be very poisonous.